Get to know us

Welcome to Freynet-Gagné Translation and Consulting (“Freynet-Gagné”), a language services company founded in 1992 by Carole Freynet-Gagné. 

Established with a commitment to excellence, Freynet-Gagné has been at the forefront of linguistic innovation for over two decades. Carole Freynet-Gagné's vision and dedication led the company to early successes involving partnerships with esteemed clients such as Santé en français, St. Boniface Hospital, the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation, and Manitoba's Department of Education.

In pursuit of a broader global perspective, Freynet-Gagné expanded its horizons from 2002-2004 with a transformative experience in New Caledonia. This international exposure not only enriched the company's cultural diversity but also broadened its linguistic expertise, setting the stage for continued growth and success.

In 2019, Jean-Paul Gagné, a seasoned professional with a distinguished career at the federal Translation Bureau, joined Freynet-Gagné as director after his retirement. His wealth of experience and leadership has further strengthened the company’s commitment to accuracy and client satisfaction.

Building on this legacy of excellence, in 2022, Sophie Bissonnette joined the Freynet-Gagné family as a client advisor. Sophie, a dynamic marketing professional with a Diploma in Social Media & Web Marketing, quickly became an integral part of the team. By December 2023, her exceptional skills and dedication led her to the role of Operations Manager, contributing to the smooth running of the company’s operations.

At Freynet-Gagné, we take pride in our rich history, unwavering dedication to quality, and our ability to adapt to the evolving needs of our clients. As we continue to navigate the ever-changing linguistic landscape, our commitment to excellence and innovation remains steadfast.

Join us on a journey of linguistic accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and quality services at Freynet-Gagné Translation and Consulting.